The processing of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW, induction welding and contact welding)pipe begins as a coiled
plate of steel with appropriate thickness and specific width to form a pipe that conforms to its relevant specification.

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ERW pipe is cold formed

The ribbon is pulled through a series of rollers that gradually form it into a cylindrical tube. As the edges of the now
cylindrical plate come together, an electric charge is applied at the proper points to heat the edges so they can be
welded together. The pipe has short weld joints, high dimensional accuracy, uniform thickness, and excellent surface
and can bear high pressure.

ERW pipe is a high-speed production product, that can be made in continuous lengths up to 115’(35m). It produces
uniform wall thicknesses and outside dimensions and is made in a wide range of specifications.
It does, however, require minimum tonnage to set up on a specific size and sometimes has long lead times.

ERW Pipe is available in the follow specifications

– ASTM A-53 pipe comes in three types (F, E, S) and two grades (A, B).
– ASTM A-53 Type E has an ERW (Grades A and B)
– Size Range: 1/8” – 12”.
– A-135.
– A-252 Grade 1. 2, 3.
– API5L Grade A & B.
– API5L X42 thru X55