Manufactured to Handle Torque & Weight, used in beam pumping and in the PCP systems as drive strings.


– Double acting actuators available in output torques up 175000 N.m
– Spring return actuators available with spring break torque up to 113000 N.m
– A wider product range permitting a more economical sizing selection.
– Design suitable for both indoor & outdoor installation.
– Supplied with corrosion protections for normal environments. For severe duties a wide selection of highest levels of corrosion protection are available.
– Operating media: Dry or lubricated Air, inert / noncorrosive gases on condition that they are compatible with internal actuator parts and lubricants.
– Lubricated for the life under normal operation conditions from -20 º C to +80 º C. Special lubricants for Low (LT) and High (HT) temperature service are available.
* Standard product from – 20ºC( -4 ºF) to +80 ºC(+176ºF)
* (LT) actuator with VMQ O-rings from -40ºC(-40ºC) to +80ºC(+176ºF)
* (HT) actuator with FPM O-rings from -15ºC(+5ºF) to +150ºC(+302ºF)
• Caution.
• For LT & HT services, special lubricant is required.
– H & L Temperature will vary change the output torque of the actuator
– Modular design: Each Body module can choose different cylinders modules & Spring Modules to meets the Torque.
– Internal tension Rod. Reduce the size of the Cylinder and support & guide the Piston avoiding eccentric wear of the cylinder.
– Maximum working pressure up to 87 Psi (6 Bar).

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* Spring Return
– FC = Fail to Close
– FO= Fail to Open
* Manual Mode
– Jack Screw Manual Override
– Gear Box Manual Override
– Worm Gear Manual Override
– Hidraulic Manual Override
– Without Manual Override